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About Our Pastor

Mike did not grow up going to church, and first heard the gospel while serving in the US Navy, but rejected it. After the Navy he was presented with the gospel of Christ again, and knew he needed to respond. In July 1989 on a Sunday afternoon he knelt in his living room, confessed to God that he was a lost sinner, and asked Him to save his soul from Hell. Little did he know that everything changed that day. The course of his life, and his eternity.

Mike joined Van Born Baptist Church and became active in everything he could, and in 2004 the Lord called him to preach the Gospel. He began ministry training remotely through Great Plains Baptist Divinity School, and served in a variety of positions at Van Born Baptist Church before moving to Colorado.

Tammy’s parents were saved when she was 12, but like Mike she wanted nothing to do with the gospel. She left home at 18 to live her own life the way she wanted. The Lord continued to work in her life, and at 43 years old she repented and trusted Christ as her Saviour, joined Cozaddale Baptist Temple and began serving the Lord there.

In 2012 the Lord spoke to Mike’s heart about the need for churches in Colorado, and after a visit in 2015 the Lord laid a heavy burden on his heart for the area around Conifer, Colorado. After moving to Bailey, the Lord had several divine appointments for them to meet people who had a sincere desire to know more of the Word of God, and they began having Bible studies in their home. The Lord opened the door for a meeting place a few months later, and Bailey Baptist Church began having services.